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In the absence of other things to occupy my time, I have taken up a new hobby which is taking our dining room by storm — a storm of thread and fabric scraps, that is.  Please note: if you have miniature people in your house, you’re more likely to get homemade things from my neighborhood sweatshop. 

From top left: jammies for the twin nephews, furry block for niece Sarah, chair cover for Tim’s bum, and furry hat for Tim’s head.


Here at (timfoolery) we aim to deliver the best customer service possible. In response to a recent comment, we offer the following pictures and our sincerest apologies. We hope you’ll find our pictures to your liking. We know that when you surf the internets you have many clicking options, and hope you will click here again for your boredom-fighting needs. 

We were soaked last weekend while the tornadoes and floods stomped across the midwest. I guess we could have closed our windows. Alas, a stack of prized family photos were soaked, which lester was happy to keep company while they dried.

Next, we got a box of worms in the mail. Now usually I would consider this a hate crime, but we actually paid to have these worms sent to us to eat our garbage! We’re surreptitiously worm composting in our basement storage unit. Though it appears that this can be more complex than you would think, we just dumped a pile of food scraps with some dirt and this box of worms and are crossing our fingers.

The poofy purple flowers (Allium) were found at our Oak Park Farmers’ Market. They didn’t last long and don’t dry well, but brought a lot of joy to our little hearts anyways. May they bring some joy to you, too, gentle reader.

Quick reason here.

(love the graphic that comes with the article)


Just got done with week 1 of three (or four) of the beamrun. We’re measuring ferroelectric thin films and looking how the role of the activity of oxygen gas above the samples affects the polarization of their stripe domains (I don’t think I’m giving away anything from the recent science submission)…want to know what a ferroelectric stripe domain pattern looks like? Check out these AFM images on the front page of Argonne’s materials science division (i.e. where I work). Purdy huh? I might try to explain them sometime…but not now. See, today there is no beam and I didn’t get assigned any tasks so I stayed home and took care of a bunch of chores…including laundry. I scoped out our building’s laundry room for the first time today (right hand side of the diptych, above) and found out that the name of my apartment is the ‘ray condominiums’. Who knew? Now…gonna cook up food for the next couple days and work on some matlab stuff for my job..while watching the nba season openers…ok mostly watching the inside the nba stuff on tnt. That shit cracks me up for some reason.


Decided to bike up to the local farmer’s market today. My first impression was that it was waaay overpriced, but with a second look, it’s not so bad. Certain things that I took for granted in Seattle (i.e. fruit) just don’t grow here and end up costing a lot. Tomatoes, on the other hand, are plentiful here and you can get them for $1/lb…so I got 6 lbs for some sauce. I also got a pot of ‘society garlic’, which looks like some flowery garlic chives. Lester usually eats all my potted plants, but he absolutely hates garlic, so we’ll see what happens. I snapped a few other pictures of the jam band (love the fat accordion guy!) and the line for the famous farmer’s market donuts. The line was too long for me, but luckily I ran into Julie and Matt who had an extra one. It was definitely homemade, warm and greasy.

here’s hoping the basket will hold…whadyado with that much egglplant? mushroom man with his hen of the woods, druid salad, and honey mushrooms PEPPERS!!! go cubs! in chicago, the most popular part of the farmer’s market is obviously the donut stand a quick tune up

Tonight: jazz festival at Hyde park (with Diane). I’ll try to snap some pictures.


lestersdinner.jpgMan, have I got a dog of cold! Fortunately, my stomach’s fine..which allowed me to whip up some sushi for the first time in ages. As this silly person pointed out, my rolling technique is a little rusty (the cucumber/avocado/garlic chive mixture is not centered), but the fish made up for it. I went with my two favorites: salmon and bluefin [chu]-toro (which was worth it at $40/lb!). And check out my suh-weet new teapot, made by these guys natch. Lester got some of the sashimi; he lapped it up so quickly that it was impossible to get a crisp picture of him.

We’ve been watching some basketball, and Phoenix is just getting jobbed by the refs and the underhanded defense of the spurs. Looks like this guy got it right (and then got punished by the refs for shooting off his mouth). They really gotta rework the impact that refs have on the nba–it’s turning into soccer.

flea.JPGSo, I have fleas in my apartment. I don’t know how they got there, but it’s been a real pain to get rid of them. Knowing they’re around makes my skin crawl, so I’ve been trying quite hard to deal with them. Right now I am stuck in the basement/laundry room in our apartment complex, chilling with the bears for four hours until that toxic fog settles down. I’ve washed everything in the house, and now I have to wash everything in the kitchen to be safe. Yeesh. Anyways, props to the exterminators for not giving me any guff when I called up and asked for some additional work. They were here within three hours and did it for free. Kind of wish I had planned ahead and brought some dvd’s and a sixer down here though. (just kidding…mostly)