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(sorry for the poor photo–just took it with the phone)

Red bean and coconut rice pudding

Red bean paste: cook the bejeezus out of some red adzuki beans until they’re soft and there’s not much water left. Add a little vegetable oil and brown sugar to taste. Store in airtight container and use as needed.

Coconut rice pudding. (guessing on the measurments here) Combine a can of light coconut milk, about a pint of milk, and 2/3 c short grain rice and bring to simmer. After ~45-60 minutes of occasional stirring, add some vanilla, sugar, and a whipped up egg. Stir vigorously and turn off the heat. Do not eat (a little bossy! -ed.) for a few minutes to let the egg cook. Arguably better cold.

Soup tonight was garbanzo/lentil/kale healthy soup. There’s a bunch of other vegetables in it too and a lot of thyme, dill, with a pinch of lemon and cayenne and some other spices. If I had harissa, I would finished it with that. (shoot i gotsta get some harissa…)

Last night was shrimp pasta in spicy red sauce after beers at Maria’s. Wow, that is one solid bar. Might give Cary’s a run for its money.

Tomorrow: IT’S FRUITCAKE SEASON, MOTHERFUCKERS. I’m going to make as many of these and these as I can handle, using this and this to soak them, respectively. (sheesh. someone needs the light of more readers to keep him under control.)


Made my first struan this week. Recipe is here. Fantastic bread if you have the patience for it. The thing I like most about the recipe is its flexibility for any type of grain in the soaker. I used a handful of three-day-old rice in from the rice cooker, some uncooked brown rice, some coarse corn meal, and the remains of some ancient muesli in the cupboard (had some oats and dates and stuff in it). I also let them rise in the fridge for 48 hours instead of 24 since I worked late a couple nights this week. I made two little loaves and gave one away. I probably should start another one right now since we’re tearing through this li’l guy. Maybe wild rice, or red beans, or flaxseed, or pepitas, or ….

The beam has been craaaazy in the last 24 hours. We were getting “500 mA” for a while, then it went negative…apparently it was just the beam current monitor bit the dust. This right after we finally measured some speckle, <sigh>.

Check out how much our garden has grown!  The zucchini are getting harvested, tomatoes are ripening, and I’m picking lettuce fairly regularly.  I’ve had to trellis up the cantaloupe and beans too, which caused a minor tripping incident yesterday.  I’m a little worried about trellising up the melons since their own weight might cause them to fall, but the internets say that it’s okay.  I found one message board where a lady said that she was still worried about her melons falling off the vine, so she attached some large cup bras that she got in a thrift store to hold them in place.  Yowza.