lestersdinner.jpgMan, have I got a dog of cold! Fortunately, my stomach’s fine..which allowed me to whip up some sushi for the first time in ages. As this silly person pointed out, my rolling technique is a little rusty (the cucumber/avocado/garlic chive mixture is not centered), but the fish made up for it. I went with my two favorites: salmon and bluefin [chu]-toro (which was worth it at $40/lb!). And check out my suh-weet new teapot, made by these guys natch. Lester got some of the sashimi; he lapped it up so quickly that it was impossible to get a crisp picture of him.

We’ve been watching some basketball, and Phoenix is just getting jobbed by the refs and the underhanded defense of the spurs. Looks like this guy got it right (and then got punished by the refs for shooting off his mouth). They really gotta rework the impact that refs have on the nba–it’s turning into soccer.