Here at (timfoolery) we aim to deliver the best customer service possible. In response to a recent comment, we offer the following pictures and our sincerest apologies. We hope you’ll find our pictures to your liking. We know that when you surf the internets you have many clicking options, and hope you will click here again for your boredom-fighting needs. 

We were soaked last weekend while the tornadoes and floods stomped across the midwest. I guess we could have closed our windows. Alas, a stack of prized family photos were soaked, which lester was happy to keep company while they dried.

Next, we got a box of worms in the mail. Now usually I would consider this a hate crime, but we actually paid to have these worms sent to us to eat our garbage! We’re surreptitiously worm composting in our basement storage unit. Though it appears that this can be more complex than you would think, we just dumped a pile of food scraps with some dirt and this box of worms and are crossing our fingers.

The poofy purple flowers (Allium) were found at our Oak Park Farmers’ Market. They didn’t last long and don’t dry well, but brought a lot of joy to our little hearts anyways. May they bring some joy to you, too, gentle reader.