Just got done with week 1 of three (or four) of the beamrun. We’re measuring ferroelectric thin films and looking how the role of the activity of oxygen gas above the samples affects the polarization of their stripe domains (I don’t think I’m giving away anything from the recent science submission)…want to know what a ferroelectric stripe domain pattern looks like? Check out these AFM images on the front page of Argonne’s materials science division (i.e. where I work). Purdy huh? I might try to explain them sometime…but not now. See, today there is no beam and I didn’t get assigned any tasks so I stayed home and took care of a bunch of chores…including laundry. I scoped out our building’s laundry room for the first time today (right hand side of the diptych, above) and found out that the name of my apartment is the ‘ray condominiums’. Who knew? Now…gonna cook up food for the next couple days and work on some matlab stuff for my job..while watching the nba season openers…ok mostly watching the inside the nba stuff on tnt. That shit cracks me up for some reason.