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I had kind of an insane christmas:

driving to Minnesota with Lester
visiting family and friends
playing  tons of cards
eating tons of ‘pean food
flying to San Diego on christmas day in the snow
meeting Andrea and her family
eating tons of ‘rean food
[sort of] deep sea fishing
hiking in the desert
hiking on the coast
meeting Cynthia, Elaine, and Tony and [sad attempts on my part] dancing
flying home/drive back to Chicago with Lester
facing harsh reality that I didn’t get any work done for the previous couple weeks

So: I took some pictures when I was at home, but I didn’t take any in San Diego since Andrea is better at it than me.  Hopefully she’ll put some up in her picasa page.  Until then here you go and I’ve included a couple pics of some of the many wonderful presents I got: an Andrea-made toothbrush holder and a handmade rug.  (these were all taken in the low light always present in our house that often results in interesting mixture of blurry and still)

thisiswhatidoallday.jpg  jesuschewtoy.jpg dealem.jpg nomomitsonherface.jpg sadie.jpg somefood.jpg kroshka.jpg toothbrusholder.jpg warpandweftrug.jpg


Did you forget to give me a christmas present this year? Or did you get me something I thought was stupid (but was too polite to tell you so)? Hahahaha! Of course not! But for future reference, I made a silly little amazon wish list–mostly stuff I will probably purchase someday anyways, but I thought y’all might be interested. It’s kind of like one of those wedding or baby shower registries except it’s celebrating something much more important: the existence of me.

Ok, now that I’ve offended/alienated everyone, I’m going back to work. Still, around mandatory gift-giving day (barf), I do wish that I had a better idea what people want…so: link up your wish lists, folks, or you’ll just end up with a summer sausage like every other year.

xmas2b.JPG(yes, this is not ham-related-news.  sorry.) Looks like Twin Peaks‘ second season is finally getting released as a dvd, and it’s kind of cheap…now, the second season is quite a bit slower paced than the first (which ultimately led to it’s surprisingly abrupt demise after the amount of hype leading up to it), but I think it’s still pretty fun. That last scene of the series…gawd, I wish it stayed on after that. I hope that this season has those ridiculous log lady intros like the first season’s dvd set.

What else…oh–I made a 15 pound country ham last night. These are preserved in a heavy salt cure and it takes much patience to reduce all that saltiness. Even after soaking it for 24 hours and boiling it for a while, it was still as salty as its distant Italian cousin, prosciutto. Unlike most recipes which use some type of soda, I used an orange juice, brown sugar, bourbon, ginger glaze…not that you could really taste it through the salt. It has some wonderful flavor on its own though, so I’m planning on packing some in my luggage. We’ll see what the TSA guys think of that.

I’m paraphrasing, but I’ve been in some funny situations in the last few days:

scene I: game night with the boys
A: Hey Tim, I got you something for christmas.
T: Aw you didn’t have to get me that..pineapple!? Um, how did you know?
A: I remembered that you’re a pineapple person.
T: (what the hell’s a ‘pineapple person?’) I do love pineapple! It might very well be my favorite fruit.

scene II: return home notice that mom’s reading the book I bought her for christmas
T: Psss! Dad, I think I got mom that book for christmas!
D: Wow–that’s just nuts! I just got two of those books complimentary from Amazon!
T: You putz! Those were my books! ..for mom and Andrea.
D: Oh shit! wellbut, look at the invoice message: ‘thanks for visiting Amazon, we hope you enjoy your books.’ I’m always at the Amazon website, so I figured that it was my reward or something…
T: Reward? What? Did you buy a lot of stuff from Amazon?
D: Oh no, I just read the sample pages from their books and use it for my homework. It’s way easier and they just don’t have that stuff at the library.
T: Oh good lord.

More to come no doubt…