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I thought that sungolds were indeterminate, but they all seem to be coming at once. I also bagged eight big cucumbers–sheesh!

Andrea & I toasted each others birthdays at the Publican over the weekend. If you haven’t heard of the place, give it a look–it’s pretty darn good.


In lieu of our trip to Morocco in a few weeks,my sister sent me a very thoughtful present: a Moroccan cookbook and a jar of homemade preserved lemons. I guess it worked, since I’ve made some Moroccanish stuff the last couple days. Yesterday we had lamb meatballs using lamb from our market that were quite yummy. According to the book, Algerians put eggs on top of their lamb meatballs, which sounded great, but I was feeling a little pudgy from last week’s Gordon conference. Instead I made some cold, minted peas which was fitting considering it was 95 F outside. With the big haul from the garden today, I decided to make a couscous salad with cukes, tomatoes, herbs (tons of parsley, mint, basil, and lavender) with a green olive/preserved lemon dressing. Omomomo…it was pretty great. The olives were stuffed with garlic so the whole thing ended up being wonderfully briny and smooth. I really haven’t worked with preserved lemons before, so I rinsed out about half a lemon and emulsed it with a lot of olive oil. It was like an exotic, savory curd afterward. Anyway, here’s the evidence.


I also found some pictures from a little adventure the other day. Rather than dragging the dusty weber out, I grilled some squid using some tinfoil, a cooling rack, and my most powerful burner. It worked suprisingly well. I then used said grilled squid in a pa jun with some pickled radish and green onions. So good.



Quite the eventful day!  Andrea planned out a day stuffed with: an immersion blender, brunch, hours of kayaking around lake union, grabbing crabs at Pike’s Place, eating them on the top of Capital hill, swimming (briefly) at Magnuson Park, eating German chocolate cake, and capping it off with pool and drinks at the College Inn.  I only had the camera for the kayaking part.  It’s going to be hard to top it for Andrea’s big day tomorrow…

bday1.jpg bday8.jpg bday7.jpg bday6.jpg bday5.jpg bday3.jpg bday4.jpg bday2.jpg

I was skipping through Uwajimaya earlier to get some fish for Kevin‘s FEFF-bbq tomorrow, hoping for inspiration to strike on where to go for my super spectacular birfday party. I came across a weathered Asian man who seemed to be coaxing a live geoduck out of its shell. Clearly, this was a man who didn’t fear such large clams, a man who would certainly know where the most challenging and rewarding food was hidden in the emerald city. “Sir,” I ventured, “where can I find food that will explode in my mouth, but in a good way?” Gripping his mollusk expertly, he turned and uttered, “Nishino, you idiot.”  I scuttled away whispering the words ‘thank you’ over and over…so that’s where we’re going..


Time to take advantage of my the talkback section: I’m turning 26 on Saturday, what to do? Barring any last second beamrun prep, I’ll probably be on a hike earlier that day, but then what? This could be my last one in Seattle, so I’m taking it a little more seriously. I’ll start the brainstorming: