Decided to bike up to the local farmer’s market today. My first impression was that it was waaay overpriced, but with a second look, it’s not so bad. Certain things that I took for granted in Seattle (i.e. fruit) just don’t grow here and end up costing a lot. Tomatoes, on the other hand, are plentiful here and you can get them for $1/lb…so I got 6 lbs for some sauce. I also got a pot of ‘society garlic’, which looks like some flowery garlic chives. Lester usually eats all my potted plants, but he absolutely hates garlic, so we’ll see what happens. I snapped a few other pictures of the jam band (love the fat accordion guy!) and the line for the famous farmer’s market donuts. The line was too long for me, but luckily I ran into Julie and Matt who had an extra one. It was definitely homemade, warm and greasy.

here’s hoping the basket will hold…whadyado with that much egglplant? mushroom man with his hen of the woods, druid salad, and honey mushrooms PEPPERS!!! go cubs! in chicago, the most popular part of the farmer’s market is obviously the donut stand a quick tune up

Tonight: jazz festival at Hyde park (with Diane). I’ll try to snap some pictures.