Well, things here are going at about their normal pace…slowly. The first couple days of setup are always hellish, but we’ll get through it. Julie, the APS staff-person who works on our experiment, does a ton of work during this time, so mad props to her. Word has it that Julie is about to be offered a promotion to some paperworky 9-5 job here and that she’s thrilled about it. I am really happy for her since I know this job can get very stressful, no thanks to folks like us. On the job-search front–lots of people are actually interested in me! I’ve had folks e-mail saying they heard from so-and-so, who heard from so-and-so that I was looking for a job…and I didn’t know any of them. Just goes to show that if you spam enough people with your resume (especially the higher-up folks), that eventually everyone has a copy. No definite offers yet, but lots of encouraging discussions and e-mails being sent around. I’m starting to feel a little more optimistic. (especially since DOE is now getting a bump from its continuing resolution funding…or so I’ve heard…) Ok, back to work. Hopefully the beast will be tuned up tomorrow sometime.