As my two readers have noticed, I haven’t been updating much. So here’s a little collection of solipsistic nonsense to let you know where I’m at:

I’m starting another beamrun this week. We don’t get x-rays until Friday, but Ken, Jerry, and I are heading out on Tuesday. I’ll probably update while I’m out there more often. This is my last trip, so I might make a pilgramage to a restaurant I’ve been eyeing for some time…

The job search is underway. I’ve had some promising nibbles at Brookhaven and Argonne. Hopefully some talks and meetings will parlay into a catch or two.

soup.JPGI bought a pair of fancy quasi-dress shoes today at Nordstroms. It made me feel grown-up, which is a stale, queasy feeling.

Lester’s looking much better after a much-needed steroid shot at the vet. Hopefully, all his hair will have returned by the time I’m back.

I sill cook, though a little less frequently. As evidence here’s a picture of some chicken soup with spinach and asiago dumplings I cooked up tonight to clean out the last few items in the fridge. It’s pretty yummy!

In response to Adam’s hatred of Trader Joe’s, I feel like I should defend it (even thought it feels like shopping at a cult). Trader Joe’s is cheaper and does offer some variety by introducing items at a seasonal clip. One of my favorite vegetables, fennel, is there right now for instance. They also have some pretty awesome standards…so I’ll try and list a few that make it unique and worthwhile:

1. hummus–TJ’s does it best.
2. pork gyoza: for some reason, Joe’s variety is way more flavorful than any of the authentic frozen varieties you’d find at Uwajimaya or Ranch 99 (not as good as homemade, but still…)
3. triple ginger snaps: tres spicy, and I love how they get chewy as they age.
4. peeled garlic: I wish more supermarkets nearby carried this convenience.
5. organic supersweet frozen corn: hoo-boy, sauteed with some butter and salt, this is quite tasty.
6. those thai-like peanuts with flakes of kaffir lime leaves and chiles
7. Canned artichoke hearts that aren’t marinated. Versatile and cheap.

ok, that’s all I’m coming up with for now. I need to get back to my dinner and the rhino documentary on PBS that’s da bomb.