In day 12 of the beamrun and counting…last week was a scramble with the interviews, applications, and a talk. Today, nothing…just watching scans go by as more data begins to pile up. It’s good data–don’t get me wrong–I just have a case of the blahs or something. Anyways….here’s some pictures I took when I sat in on an STM experiment with UW alum, Michael Pierce:


The whole thing’s only 5 months old and a mere $2mil, so yes, it is a little intimidating to mess with it…


Here’s the inside of the STM. The STM tip reaches up from the lobed gold part and makes contact with our sample, which is suspended from that plate above it. We were looking at atomic scale gold surface reconstruction.


…this is a LEED (low energy electron diffraction) image of a titanium oxide surface structure…but you probably knew that just by looking at the pattern.