(sorry for the poor photo–just took it with the phone)

Red bean and coconut rice pudding

Red bean paste: cook the bejeezus out of some red adzuki beans until they’re soft and there’s not much water left. Add a little vegetable oil and brown sugar to taste. Store in airtight container and use as needed.

Coconut rice pudding. (guessing on the measurments here) Combine a can of light coconut milk, about a pint of milk, and 2/3 c short grain rice and bring to simmer. After ~45-60 minutes of occasional stirring, add some vanilla, sugar, and a whipped up egg. Stir vigorously and turn off the heat. Do not eat (a little bossy! -ed.) for a few minutes to let the egg cook. Arguably better cold.

Soup tonight was garbanzo/lentil/kale healthy soup. There’s a bunch of other vegetables in it too and a lot of thyme, dill, with a pinch of lemon and cayenne and some other spices. If I had harissa, I would finished it with that. (shoot i gotsta get some harissa…)

Last night was shrimp pasta in spicy red sauce after beers at Maria’s. Wow, that is one solid bar. Might give Cary’s a run for its money.

Tomorrow: IT’S FRUITCAKE SEASON, MOTHERFUCKERS. I’m going to make as many of these and these as I can handle, using this and this to soak them, respectively. (sheesh. someone needs the light of more readers to keep him under control.)