Been kind of busy, but decided to get this going again, mostly to take notes.

Typical Friday dinner: Had to use up some cider, broccoli, and turkey breast in the fridge. Andrea’s gone so I get to use as much fat as I feel like!

Turkey: Seared with chili powder/salt/pepper in olive oil. Added about 1 qt. apple cider and braised for ~10 minutes till just a touch pink inside (finishes cooking off the pan). Need to watch cider while reducing–can go from sauce to scorched in about five seconds. Finish with butter and fresh sage. Set aside to cook broccoli. Korean influence: chiles, sesasme oil/seeds, butter, garlic, shallots, salt, pepper. 15 minutes, including chopping.

Wine: Martorana Colonna (50% Nero D’avola/50% syrah). On sale–very dark color, strong\rich, needs air. Good with the turkey.