We ate this too quickly for a picture but trust me, it’s good.

  • wide pasta, preferably homemade
  • 1/4-1/3 lb. guanciale (aka jowl bacon)
  • ~4 lbs vegetables (I used about 2lbs cherry tomatoes, 1 lb chard, a few small eggplant, and an onion from our garden)
  • a strong, washed-rind cheese
  • red pepper flakes/pepper/basil etc…

Cook the pasta and reserve a couple ladlefuls of the starchy water before draining. Render the guanciale till almost crispy. I added the onion and eggplant and cooked for a while, then the chard, and finally the tomatoes. The eggplant was I then put in the pasta, the reserved water, and cheese, and then turned off the heat. I then added the herbs and spices to taste. Really awesome if you manage to track down the jowl bacon and cheese. I suspect almost any combination of vegetables would be tasty with that.