(isn’t that a nice picture that andrea took?)

The garden’s been producing a lot of beans and zucchini lately. Probably due to the greenhouse like conditions we’ve been having lately. I still cook, just at 8 or 9pm usually. Tonight’s offering of zucchini and string beans was a stirfry with lots of fermented black beans and sichuan pepper corns (and chili paste, bean paste, ginger, scallions, rib meat, and sesame oil). Goes down nice with this hoegaarden by my side.

Today I worked on filling out my cad drawings for this new experimental chamber I mentioned yesterday. Here’s the latest version.

FIG 3. New environmental chamber for combined scattering and spectroscopy at solid oxide fuel cell conditions. A) Huber diffractometer, B) New access port (x4), C) Be window (x2), D) Be windowed port and collimator for Vortex detector and E) detail of sample and probe sensors