Whew. I’m finally done with beamruns for a little while. I signed on to four different experiments, with about a week of x-rays apiece, which essentially erased my July. And now the book chapter’s deadline is looming, there are papers to write, and we’re moving…so I had to mess around in the garden this morning to decompress a little. At this point, I’m kind of giving up the battle with the weeds and am just trying to keep things from falling over. The beans and tomatoes are definitely trying to escape their stakes, cages, and trellises. I only had string on me today, so part of the garden now looks like it’s barely held together. The building maintenance folks mowed the lawn between the plots over the weekend, sawing off parts of my cantaloupes that were trying to make friends with the watermelons in the next plot over. I was a little peeved, but then I realized that the people who did the mowing were the same ones who started these plots in the first place. That and I now have something like 10 melons going right now (I think five or six are in that picture).

Ok, now I gotta work on designs for our next environmental chamber. Here’s a sneak peak.