1. Our hero cut chunks out of two fingers yesterday while trying to slice some galangala. I think that’s what he called it, but google had no pics to share with you. It looks a little like fat ginger with rings. Anyways, he may be absent from his blog since yesterday he could only moan about how little he could do with only 8 operable fingers, and then dribbled blood about the house.

(tim: it’s that goddam galangal, see image on right.)

2. We saw a wonderful play last weekend — Dead Man’s Cell Phone at the Tony award-winning Steppenwolf. Lots of great scene changes and creative uses of light and props, which capped off great acting — including acting drunk! Laura’s mom tipped us off to this little treasure, the Saints — a volunteer usher org that allows you to see plays all around chicago fo’ free!

3. We’re headed to Seattle tomorrow! Our hero is being honored for stellar dissertation-writing and we are all proud. We hope to see you there! And, we hope to have some nice pics to color this increasingly bland site. If our hero is too gimpy to take some, perhaps he can flash his pearly smile once or twice.