Don’t have too much to report, but mom threatened to cancel her rss feed of this l’il website, so here comes a somewhat dryheaved post.  Having fun at the users meeting and its making me nostalgic for good ole’ IXS.  I won an award for my thesis, so Andrea and I will be in Seattle in about a week to pick it up.  I found some pictures on Andrea’s camera, including a page of ‘notes’ from the spring MRS meeting.

The Duh comment was for an xmcd talk at MRS where the presenter showed that people had forgotten to include single crystal effects and had mistakenly interpreted them in the dichroism.

There was also a picture of me with Lester.  I might be sporting my new contacts, but I’m not sure when it was taken (these actually comfortable and has improved my vision!)

…and here’s a gratuitous food photo of Andrea’s baklava.  Andrea wanted to comment on this photo so here goes:

Actually, what I really wanted to talk about was the horrid odor emanating from the apartment below us.  I made Tim call the often-absent apartment manager to report it, but just got his voicemail.  Meanwhile, Mr. 1E is probably decomposing beneath our very feet!  Imagine!  Yeah, and I made a sorry excuse for baklava the other day.  Mine’s called pile-of-sugar-on-buttered-phyllo.  It’s a little more like candy.  Okay, so I guess it’s perfect.  Here’s Tim:

Okaaaaay…well, I liked the baklava just fine.  It was purdy too: