Between the church of 4-shizzle (seriously), a pinata store, and several check-cashing and liquor stores (conveniently located next to each other), there’s a nice carneceria named el nuevo mundo a couple blocks from our house. It’s pretty small, but has a halfway (ok, quarterway) decent produce section and a nice deli where they make their own salsas, sausages, and pickled vegetables. I saw them making a batch of garlicy, orange tomatillo salsa today and asked how much it was. The guy behind the counter smiled and told me it’s spicy. I told him I like spicy. He smiled again and got one of those styrofoam containers used for packaging meat, put a handful of in-house pork rinds that he had been eating and dumped a ladleful of the hot stuff on top. I am now addicted to pork rinds and tomatillo salsa, which is a shame since I had been trying to get in shape after hiding in my apartment all winter. Tonight we had some terrific mahi tacos with avocado, pickled onions, that salsa, lettuce, some Mexican sour cream (waay different, more like thick buttermilk), a couple Bohemias, and some really fresh corn tortillas made about a mile away. Dare I say, better than any Mexican food I ever had in Seattle. I’m already looking forward tomorrow night’s sup: the pork chops in a green mole chock full of pumpkin seeds.