Ok, I guess between counting photons and keeping up with Andrea I’ve been kind of busy. But I’m still a tad obsessed with food. One thing we found in a crappy Mexican place in Cicero was an incredibly refreshing drink: cucumber lemonade. It was decent there, despite the fact that they used some fake lemonade to begin with…so I did it at casa del tim with real lemons and a real cucumber. It might look and sound a little weird, but it’s worth checking out. I think it would be pretty good spiked too. UPDATE: be sure to skin that cucumber–it takes a while to blend that shit up.

Last night I played with scallops for the first time in a while. They were pretty good–seared in brown butter [sort of accidental] and then deglazed with half a grapefruit and a little dijon. I’ve become quite a fan of the citrus reductions these days. That’s some roasted asparagus and 2/4 of a garlic dill latke.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Andrea has been challenging the iron chef of this apartment with some pretty awesome food lately. Tonight’s theme ingredient: chicken thighs!!! ! She made a kickin’ chicken dumpling soup that would’ve blown my stuffed chicken parmegianna almondinianna saffronium infused pomegranate reduction hoohah right out of kitchen stadium. (had I attempted such a dish). Ok, I’m done being silly. FYI: I’ve started biking to the lab since it’s nice out. 24 miles, sukaz.