And by changes, I mean Andrea. As I write this Andrea, Nubia, and Laura are probably near the border between Utah and the ‘Ho as Micah sometimes calls it. In just a couple days, she will be in Chicago moving in with me. Honestly, it’s been quite a rush since during my recent beamrun she left her job and decided, almost on the spot, that she’d rather be out here. And she somewhow managed to follow through in just a couple weeks.

It definitely puts a new perspective on living here. Exploring this enormous town will be a lot more fun with the two of us. Instead of planning an exit strategy, I’m now a lot more comfortable with my job. The only somewhat sad part is that I won’t be visiting Seattle as often, so I guess you’ll have to visit (cough..josh..susan..evee…dos) Anyways, I’ll be sure to post some pictures when everyone’s here.