People who visit the Advanced Photon Source never seem to remember what a synchrotron actually does, or the definition of brilliance, or the difference between a wiggler and an undulator. No, what they remember are the trikes–which is the mode of transportation around experiment hall. Toward the end of our recent 3 week run, I got a little bored and tried to survey the different tricycles.

trike1.jpg trike2.jpg trike3.jpg

Left: this is the tricycle for sector 12 (BESSRC-CAT) where I work. Unlike most trikes, it’s a three-speed. Middle: two colorful trikes at GSE-CARS, our neighbor at sector 13. I like the simplicity of the red ‘mover’ trike. Right: A nice, classic blue number that reminds me of an old-fashioned schwinn.

trike4.jpg img_3634.jpg img_3636.jpg

Left: a nice pink recombinant with a homemade sled-style crate and a gnarly horn. I wanted to try it out, but the last time I did this some woman chased after me. Middle: detail of a common, yet elegant, style around the ring. This an older generation of trike, so I’m a little partial I guess. Right: the infamous PNC trike. I love this thing, which is so much more out of the closet than Robert.

trike6.jpg trike8.jpg trike131.jpg trike9.jpg

Far left: different view of PNC-1. Mid-left: Interesting shop trikes that look a little like rickshaws. Mid-right: for some reason, this is my favorite one. Far-right: This trike looked lonely.

trike10.jpg trike11.jpg trike12.jpg

Left: The only white rims in the building. Middle: Trike with an interesting front rack that’s integrated into the handlebars (incidentally parked in a forbidden red area). I wanted to try this one out too. Right: The parking situation near the APS shop is always tight, even at 4 in the morning when I took these photos.