moneyplant1.jpgI checked out Chicago’s chinatown last weekend with Dianne and Andrea (the Swedish one), south of the loop on Cermak and Wentworth. It’s pretty small, but densely packed with some nice lively shops. There were a couple small grocery stores with some interesting stuff (no Uwajimaya, which is fine by me). I really wanted to take pictures of these milk crates full of turtles and some ridiculously large frogs, but the owner wouldn’t let me. I picked up a money plant (that’s it on the right in my house) at a plant store that was stuffed to the gills with bamboo. Now I know what fun shui smells like) ..and then there was a store called woks n things that had a lot of cool kitchen stuff. It inspired me to reseason my wok, which with my awesome new stove might have a little of that elusive ‘wok hay‘. I made some five-spice ribs with a nice crust of sichuan peppercorns over the weekend that later became a tasty meal with a ton of kai lan.

fyi: I have a beamrun going on right now, followed by electron microscope training and experiments, followed by 3 more weeks at APS, followed by more conferences so I posting will be sporadic until April.