I had a chance to go back to Seattle for a few, so I jumped on it last weekend. Compared to the christmas activities it was nice and lazy with lots of fine eating and heavy drinking. I didn’t take too many pictures aside from the obvious ones at the beach.

sunset.jpg abear.jpg tim1.jpg

I was inspired by a trip to senor moose and made a gringo version of huevos last night (picture here). Tonight I made ‘shorba’ (spelling?), which is a noodly, cilantro-y, beefy soup that my mom used to make when we lived in Algeria that was inspired by the local fare. I threw the book at this one–two bunches of cilantro, long peppers, lemon, dill, cumin, cinnamon, smoked paprika, cayenne, … with a rich 6-hour beef broth I made from a bunch of shanks last night. Hit the spot with our current cold spell.

update: I made the recipe from what I remember from mom’s soup, but it appears that shorba appears in Indian and middle-eastern, and Algerian food with vaguely similar seasoning to what I used.

updated update: Apparently shorba translates to soup in numerous languages, explaining its ubiquitousness.