I had some folks over last night for some fake Spanish food. When I went to the grocery store, I wasn’t sure what dessert I wanted to make…then I saw that blood oranges were on sale and looked great, so I got a half dozen. I ended up making a blood-orange lavender bread pudding.

Bread pudding’s easy: just dump some eggs (mostly yolks), milk (whole works well, but anything’s fine) and a bunch of sugar and cover up a bunch of cubed bread. My challah from last week works great for this, since it’s already got a ton of eggs in it (and was stale by now). To give it an intense lavender flavor, I threw a bunch of lavender flowers in the milk while it was cooking with the sugar and then let it sit for about an hour till it was like a strong tea. Oh yeah, I also put in the zest of three blood oranges. Filter out the lavender with a sieve, add the eggs, and douse the cut up bread in some sort of ceramic dish. The whole thing cooks a little over an hour in a 350 deg. oven. To really make it special I added some whipped cream (with vanilla) and a blood orange caramel sauce (melt some butter, add sugar and cook till caramalized, juice the three blood oranges with the caramel and cook down till its really thick and syrupy and add some heavy cream to taste). We had Diane’s bottle of champage with it, which was a good accompaniment.

(special bonus food picture: chili and skillet corn bread, my lunch for the rest of the week)