My sister got me a pizza stone for xmas this year.  I bought myself a stone a long time ago.  Instead of checking around on how to use it, I just treated it like a heavy cookie sheet.  Needless to say my first pizza fused to the porous ceramic and I had to throw it out.  This time I floured the shit out of the bottom of the dough and it worked fine.  I’d give a recipe, but the yeast spilled out of the bag before going in the teaspoon, so I’m not sure how much I used.  As for the toppings, I would not combine salt cured olives with prosciutto (i.e. salt-cured pig) in the future.

Without much produce, salads get kind of funky in the winter.  This one has fennel seeds, clementines, and pistachios and was a nice counterpart to the pizza.