spices.jpgI got me an awesome setup for my spices, which you can see on the right.  I’ve never been good at maintaining my spices.  I remember going on a multi-night trip to glacier with Dan Johnson and company and I brought like a cleaned-out painting set with 15 spices in my pack.  Yes, that was overkill. (as was the marmalade that inevitably broke and coated everything else)  Presently I probably have 50 or 60 random containers in my cupboard of everything from gumbo file to toasted rice powder.  Unfortunately, the new holder only has 40 test tubes, so I’ll probably have to chuck those old curry leaves I bought in Milwaukee years ago (probably taste like sawdust now) and start cutting down on the number of chile powders I’ve accumulated. <sigh>

Also, I’ve been halfway watching the new american iron chef series while writing about nothing here.  Jaysus, I hate Bobby Flay.  (Apparently, I’m not the only one)  His food is more predictable than a trip to KFC.  I wish Batali was cooking.  Ming Tsai should whoop him…but we’ll see.  (I have to get rid of my cable–it’s killing me to watch as much tv as G)