I had kind of an insane christmas:

driving to Minnesota with Lester
visiting family and friends
playing  tons of cards
eating tons of ‘pean food
flying to San Diego on christmas day in the snow
meeting Andrea and her family
eating tons of ‘rean food
[sort of] deep sea fishing
hiking in the desert
hiking on the coast
meeting Cynthia, Elaine, and Tony and [sad attempts on my part] dancing
flying home/drive back to Chicago with Lester
facing harsh reality that I didn’t get any work done for the previous couple weeks

So: I took some pictures when I was at home, but I didn’t take any in San Diego since Andrea is better at it than me.  Hopefully she’ll put some up in her picasa page.  Until then here you go and I’ve included a couple pics of some of the many wonderful presents I got: an Andrea-made toothbrush holder and a handmade rug.  (these were all taken in the low light always present in our house that often results in interesting mixture of blurry and still)

thisiswhatidoallday.jpg  jesuschewtoy.jpg dealem.jpg nomomitsonherface.jpg sadie.jpg somefood.jpg kroshka.jpg toothbrusholder.jpg warpandweftrug.jpg