I’m back!  The run is done and my four day vacation to beautiful, sunny Seattle (every day I was there at least) is behind me.  I did a red eye and slept in, followed by a trip downtown to study and do a little shopping.  After getting off the blue line at Jackson I queued up some neutral milk hotel and started my little downtown journey.  Around track 8 I realized that the buildings were getting smaller.  I turned around and saw the Sears tower (essentially the western border of downtown) in the distance.  D’oh!  I guess I lost myself in the music and got turned around.  I walked all the way back and then some and settled down with a cup of mate.  After a little bit of work and some shopping (art supplies!) I decided to go home.  I had a general idea of where the blue line was, but after getting lost this morning I managed to walk right by the station.  Again.  Fortunately, I turned back east at the Chicago river and found the station and jumped on a convenient train that pulled up just as I was walking down the stairs.  I put the headphones in, cranked up some enon, and started reading a new yorker (the cartoon issue!).  About half an hour later, at the end of the express line, I realized I was on the wrong train.  After taking a pink line back to the loop, I got on the correct train, and–finally–got back home.  The end.