I took the train all over yesterday to see some free music and to hang out with some Seattle friends. The free music was at the museum of contemporary art and involved a bunch of locals. I came to see Califone, but got there early enough to catch the 1900s set, which was really infectious. Really cute, poppy songs with tight playing and vocals…and they had some synchronized dance moves. They have a new album coming out, and I’ll probably get it.

chica2.JPG guess who’s dancing? (the blurry one)

Califone was quite a bit different (but still great). Being at the very front, I got to meat Califone’s biggest fans, including a 40-50 year old lady from Indiana…let’s call her Betty. Califone was really extending out their songs–they only got 4 or 5 in the hour set. As Betty put it, ‘it seems like the music is just out of control with so many layers, and then–they just pull it all together!’ Sho-nuff: and yesterday they had an additional horn section courtesy of the Bitter Tears (yes, they do wear wedding gowns at their own shows). One of the guys even brought a wee little bell for one of the songs.

chica5.JPG chica4.JPG chica7.JPG chica8.JPG chica9.JPG

After the show, I checked out the museum, which was very cool, but they didn’t allow pictures. Just go see it for yourself. And then, I met up with the Petersens who introduced me to a few of their good friends in Evanston. Good to see some familiar faces. Okay, I need to get going since I’m getting trained on the new AFM tomorrow, bright and early.