Wow two posts this weekend.  It’s like the freakin’ renaissance in here.  I’ll be brief since I should get to bed in a few.

Here’s a pic of my office desk with a 24” imac loaner. I’m really looking forward to the macbook to show up since I’m starting to get a sun burn from this one.


I like this site.

I’ve been on an anchovies kick lately. I made a caeser salad with an extra coddled egg and a lot of those little fishies. The immersion blender made the dressing really nice.


I decided to cook everything I’ll need for the next few days ahead of time. Banana-coconut-pecan bread for breakfast and two pizzas (one veggie and one that was split between anchovy and pepporoni). This gas oven is a million times nicer for baking than that tiny electric I used to have. I altered my mom’s recipe, now cooking it at 425 and letting it rise twice, which allowed me to stretch the dough to two zas.


…and I stumbled across the best dessert:


(dulce de leche gelato with slices from a prairie spy apple purchased here)