Felt a little like Seattle last night. I got to play pool, in a bar! I decided to contact Diane (friend through Andrea who also lives in the O.P.) to see if she wanted to get a beer last night after having dinner with Julie, Matt, and Charlotte (where we watched this glorious show). Diane eagerly agreed to a beer since she had just arrived home after a long day in the library working with teenagers. We biked down to a bar on Madison where they had a lonely pool table. After playing losing to Diane a few times, some Mexican guys challenged us to a game. We managed to beat them the first time and one of their friends decided to tag in. He was good, but typically muy macho. With all our balls clustered around the eight he managed to lose the game. Several other folks challenged us to a game, people who were actually good, and we still kept eeking out wins despite getting progressively more drunk. At one point, one of the guys at a table next to us came by and said, “ok, I know you guys are hustlers. I found out you’re from out of town from the door guy and you keep missing easy shots while making some crazy shit. But it’s cool–I won’t say anything. What do you guys want to drink?” After that, we couldn’t stop giggling. I guess it’s easy to get hustling and luck confused. Needless to say, we held that pool table down for 5 hours!