I guess it takes a 2000 mile drive to appreciate just how far removed my new job is from my old life.  I sorely miss coming home to Andrea…going out for a game of pool with Adam or Mike…seeing the Kas family…feffing (note that ‘feffing’ refers to bitching about code–not actually using it).  The new apartment is gorgeous, but so big it still echoes after putting all my stuff away.  Sort of amplifies all of this.

Had my first day of work today–it involved
a long lecture discussing the merits of ppo’s and hmo’s
a video bragging about Argonne’s diversity that had the line, “we have scientists from all five continents at Argonne!”
meeting one of my new bosses
meeting my new office–it even has a window!
peeing in a cup
worrying with Yejun
an hour of driving

That last one really kind of sucks, mostly because it really makes the day seem shorter.  Due to traffic I took non-highway roads–which doubly sucks–but I did manage to find the coolest Mexican grocery store in Berwyn.  So cheap!  New York steaks (my fav) for four-and-a-half-bucks a pound!  Not that I’ll have much time to cook in the forseeable future…