The last two weeks have been nuts. When things settle down a little–possibly in September–I’ll start posting a little more regularly. In the last couple weeks, I’ve been on two trips to BC and a quick jump to Chicago to get an apartment (more on that later…) The first trip to Canada was for Andrea’s 30th, where I got us some nice digs at the Sheraton in downtown Vancouver. I upgraded to the ‘really-high up’ suite where we had some excellent views. We did some great eating along the way including this Korean place that stays open till 5am and makes the most incredible cow-spine soup. Sounds gross, but it was quite possibly the best Korean food I’ve ever had. We had a decent breakfast at Elixer, followed by a really nice place for snacking called Salt, which was in an alley in gastown. Salt serves local meats and cheeses with some nice fixins (and really generous glasses of wine). Later we had an elaborate feast at the local institution for Indian food, Vij’s. I think the appetizers are the way to go here.

bc1.jpg bc2.jpg bc3.jpg bc4.jpg bc51.jpg bc6.jpg bc7.jpg

This last weekend we went back to BC, but this time we took the ferry system to Pender island where Andrea’s noona (Kor: older sister) was attending a wedding with some friends. Between the cannucks at the reception, we were the babysitters for 6 kids (all under 2), which can really make you question ever having one for yourself. Truth be told, Andrea’s twin nephews David and Alex are quite cute…when they’re not bawling or pooping or whatever. Anyways I bushed..here are some more pictures from all that. I’m done with going to Canada for while though…those 1 hour long waits at the border (90 minutes today) get real old.

bc8.jpg bc10.jpg bc9.jpg bc11.jpg