Thought I’d squeeze a post in before I turn the wonderfully symmetric 3^3^3.  Things here are a little nuts–I’m trying to finish this class up and several papers while coordinating a move to Chicago.  I’ve narrowed down my choices and I’m targeting this neighborhood that is barely close enough to my new job (ok I’ll be working here and a little here too) while being somewhat urban.  In two weeks I’m flying out to quickly grab an apartment using a free referral service there.  They assure me there are tons of nice vintage apartments that are within my price range..we’ll see.  In between is a trip to Canada to see Andrea’s sister and nephews and a secret mystery trip for Andrea’s less symmetric 30th birthday. (well, I guess you could do something like 7+4*4+7, which is symmetric, but clunky)

Ok, I have to go put the final touches on my stat mech midterm.  On a related note, my students voted on a take home final–I told them that it would be harder and ultimately more work, but they still went that route.  (I guess they figure they can find the answers on wikipedia…)  If you have any devious problems that I should put on it, lemme know! (and don’t post them on wikipedia)