I’ve been so busy planning (re: worrying) about the move, teaching thermo, trying to squeeze in some research, and trying to soak in every little bit of Seattle and my friends that I haven’t really update the website much…I have been cooking a fair amount though. Take these cupcakes–they’re adapted from a recipe by Daniel Bouloud‘s cookbook (recommended) and have an moist, eggy, lemony cake topped with a lemon ricotta frosting and some berries. I made them for Andrea and Subarna’s 30th b-day blowout at the BalMar. Purdy tasty. And not as much work as I had expected–and I finally got to use my pastry bag for something…

In a slightly more involved affair, I grilled up a ton of jerk chicken and shrimp (using this recipe) and served up some peanuty slaw, coconut rice, beans, maduros, and couple takes on blueberry pie (a lattice one with apricots and one with an almond streusel to use up the remaining dough). Andrea documented the event, the blueberry picking preceding it, and an amazing trip to the North Cascades in the pictures here.

Modesty aside for the moment, it was pretty great (but a lot of work!) Sometimes I wonder if I enjoy planning and cooking up gigantic meals more than what I got my doctorate for…but I guess I would get sick of it after a while. Speaking of planning, I think I’ll poach some sole in some decent–but sour–pear cider I got a while back tonight. Cripes–I can’t stop! Oh well, everyone has their obsessions.