(Update! Hot tipper Ahob managed to locate Noah’s stash of pictures that includes a video!  The ducklings were clearly what one them the grand prize.)

…they make sculptures out of trash.


Congrats to Noah, Subu, Andy, Beth, and the other physics grads students who won the Grand Showboat prize for their milk-carton entry “Duck Amuck” at Seafair this year! Claire Lu took some interesting pictures for it. According to Andy, they accumulated over 1200 milk cartons from the h-bar (ahuk) to build it. I was hoping my predilection for white-chocolate mochas helped their cause!!!

(ok, I was just trying to score one of their tickets that they won. In reality, I think white chocolate mochas are the most soul-sucking, utter-waste-of-four dollar, gutbusting drinks on the planet that are kept in business by people who pretend to like coffee. Real connoisseurs go to the physics machine shop for a 25 cent cuppajoe where you get exactly what you pay for: cheap drip coffee)