That was a grilled lamb sandwich on some half-wheat no-knead bread. It was my first foray into grilling this year and I kind of soaked the charcoal in lighter-fluid. I even squirted lighter fluid onto the coals, which always gives me visions of a die-hard-II finale to my life. Despite the slight aroma of CH3CH2CH2CH3, the sammies were pretty tasty.

After two nights of more graduation partying, I got a little time to cook and made a pizza. I used some no-knead dough for the crust, which was ok, but not as good as my mom’s. I made it very quickly and I like how it looks like I dropped it from the ceiling.


The true highlight of the weekend was this awesome eggy pancake thing I made for breakfast.  This recipe kicks ass–so easy.  It reminded me of Yorkshire pudding, my favorite food for most of my life.  Andrea and I ate it so quickly though that I don’t have a picture.  It’s great with fruit, so I’m sure I’ll make it a dozen times before the end of summer.  Speaking of food…Andrea is just finishing up some fried baked chicken so I gotta go.