grad1.jpgOk, at long last, here are pictures of me in all my doctoral glory.

grad2.jpg gradwithlees.jpg canadians.jpg andreandnubia.jpg

The other pictures are of Andrea and Nubia, Andrea’s parents with me, and some Canadians.


Well, I hadn’t bothered to get any robes. My parents came out for the PhD defense, so I didn’t feel like doing any of the graduation stuff. When Andrea’s parents found out about this, they were shocked. So they marched me back to red square until we found a group gathered around a nursing student who was dressed in those resplendent purple robes. As they started walking away, Mrs. Lee nudged Mr. Lee and the two of us approached the group.

Me: “Are those the PhD robes? I was working on my dissertation and the deadline just went sailing by and I never got a chance to get mine. They sure look nice.”
Dr. Canadian: “Why thank you!”
Mr. Lee: “So, can we borrow your robes? You know, for pictures?”
Dr. Canadian: blinks twice

I paraphrased the conversation, but you get the idea. Canadians are the perfect target, they’re so polite that we got a good 15 minutes of pictures.

The next day, we got to make dinner for the Lees. Justine had a special request: that paella from the old website. So we made a mad rush through Pike’s place, picking up some amazing seafood, a little produce, and some smoked paprika from Market Spice. The end result was a dandy little meal.

shopping1.jpg shopping2.jpg paella1.jpg


Along with the paella, which contained mussels, clams, chorizo, gulf shrimp, halibut cheeks, and monkfish, we made some dungeness-stuffed piquillo peppers, that salad with mint from Canlis, and strawberry shortcake. Whew!

FYI, I put up an updated recipe for the paella here. Thanks everyone for taking pictures–it was a memorable couple of days!