lasagne.jpgAndrea and her Evans friends split weekly lunch duties by forming a club, the so-called “lunch-bunch”.

What’s a lunch-bunch you ask? Well, each person makes enough food to feed 4 people (the aforementioned bunch) and then they distribute it in a hodgepodge collection of tupperware so that they have a new, homemade lunch Monday through Thursday. (I think they go to a bar on Friday or something. We could call them the sot-lot or something…oh snap!)

Anyways, if you hadn’t caught on, I’m a little jealous of their little group. I’ve tried getting my physics crew to do a lunch thing, but nothing really rhymes with physics…that, and they think I’m retarded. So….I’ve started to do my own lunch bunch of one. As Andrea pointed out, that’s an oxymoron. But it’s my chance to say, ‘look what I’m eating while you enjoy your tofu-kale-arooni or whatever it is you vegetarian friends eat!’

Ironically, this week’s entry is vegetarian, but it actually tastes good if you put enough cheese on top. See if you can piece together the recipe on the right. Or just go to the recipes section. Plus it gave me a chance to buy this suh-weet Emile Henri casserole dish!