I went to the farmer’s market today for the first time this year. There’s just a single row of farmers and not too many vegetables, but it was fun to walk around and talk to the farmers. There seems to be more cheese this year than ever before..more eggs too. There was one new addition to the U-district market this year: Vashon Island’s Seabreeze farms. They have a raw-milk license and bring real, unpasteurized milk and cream, creme fraiche, cheese, eggs, and wine to the market. Plus they’re the only ones bringing duck eggs (and goose eggs), so I had to get a dozen duck eggs and their real, unpasteurized creme fraiche. The duck eggs are quite fresh-tasting and much richer with startlingly big yolks. The creme fraiche is lively and sharp, but damn creamy–this is the real stuff, apparently this is one of six farms in the state that has a raw milk license! I went against buying locally and had some strawberries with some sweetened creme fraiche for dessert tonight. This place is going to really put a dent in my wallet every week.  I’d be tempted to start a weekly food get-together once the farmers market really gets going this year.  (had Adam (and Andrea, of course) over for some good eats tonight)