What could possibly drag me out of my hole to put something on my website? Why my new music crush of course! That would be Rodrigo y Gabriela! (that’s rodgab for those in the know) I guess folks around here knew about them already since their upcoming showbox show (April 24) is already sold out. Pity, they’re supposed to amazing live. I guess I’ll just have to get my fix elsewhere…and maybe even I can learn how to play their brand of thrashmetalfolk. (yeah, right!) I think I ran into them vi Kottke. Otherwise I’ve been trying to learn how to pop (get to 0:45) and lock (the ending is soooo cool)

Quite the productive day.

In food news–made some type of ragu-on-polenta thingy last night and did it up at the stumbling goat over on Phinney ridge. Both were good. I also did my produce run on my bike today for the first time in a while. Ended up getting a watermelon, which was probably not the smartest idea. I also noticed that the U-district farmer’s market is up and running again–no one told me! I thought it was coming back in May!? Time to get me some cheese and greens.