I think spring is my favorite season in Seattle. Despite being gray 90% of the time, there are so many blossoming trees and daffodils opening up this time of year. I’ve always been fond of the buds and leaves that make trees look sort of translucent this time of year too. I dropped by cherry tree mall today on the way back from the ima and it was pretty spectacular. Lots of people taking pictures for such a rainy, gray day.

Things here are going ok. This week was a little slow after two weeks away on job interviews and conferences…it can be tough to get back into the grind, but the end is near…I also got an invite to ESRF! That’s the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility and it’s nestled in Grenoble with the Alps near by. (it’s not the LHC at CERN–so quit asking!) Pretty neat–but I don’t know if I’ll be on the market on April 23 when I’ve been asked to give a talk. I’m also intimidated by the sizable trip back and forth. On vera…

crumpets.JPGNew topic: popovers! Walking home, I was wondering what I was going to make for dinner..and I realized taht popovers are always a good last-ditch option. Never had a popover? They’re pretty yummy: it’s like a savory little souffle thingy, but a lot easier to make. There a lot of recipes online, but it’s basically one part milk to one part flour with two eggs per cup of milk. Season how you wish (at least salt), wisk it up a bit, and pour it in a hot muffin tin in a 450 degree oven for twenty minutes, before turning it down to 375 for 15-20 minutes longer. I stuck some dubliner cheddar and rosemary in it–which was ok, but I think Andrea’s suggestion of green onions would’ve been better. These don’t keep very well, but that’s almost never an issue.