I had my Brookhaven job interview this week and I think it went pretty well. My talk went smoothly and John (the guy who invited me) seemed to like it. I was a little surprised how everyone was working on strongly correlated materials, stripe order, magnetic order, orbital order…but I guess that’s the kind of group thinking that DOE likes in its labs. We ate at a tres swanky restaurant and I got a nice rental car for the trip..so everything was going smoothly until my flight got canceled today due to a lot of sleet. Fortunately my Aunt Toni and Uncle Mike live out here so I got a place to stay until Sunday when I fly back. Well, ’nuff blabbering–here’s some pictures from an eventful week.

Here’s me and my old UofM buddy Jesse Berezovsky at Denver’s March meeting posing in front of the big blue bear (see last post).

Despite having the flu, I then went to Stevens with Josh, Susan, David, Andrea, and Evee. Here’s Evee and Andrea goofing around.

..and here is poor sick me, working on my talk while everyone is snowboarding and having fun..

Aunt Toni and Uncle Mike are laughing at YOU!

I thought before I’d get on my plane (yeah, right), that I’d hit some ethnic neighborhood in NYC for some neat grub. I decided on the Korean part of Queens on Northern Blvd in Flushing and got this lamb soup that was quite medicinal. Both the lamb and the mustard seeds were quite unusual to me, but it was good.

This place only served a few dishes, mostly soup. I loved how they had all their bowls stacked up in front of the kitchen–neat place!