bluebear.JPGMy apologies for the lack of posting–this conference has been a whirlwind. (and thanks andrea for keeping everyone up to date!) I gave the first of my three talks today. It went pretty well, but I tend to run out of breath at the end of my sentences. It’s like I need a lamas class for giving talks to cope with the pressure. Denver’s an okay city, but it’s dominated by these trendy fast-food restaurants in the chipotle model. Our hotel…is far away, which kind of sucks since I would kill for a quick siesta right now. Random notes: The blue bear shown on the right is this 45 ft public art thingy peering in the convention center. Ran into former classmate, Jesse Berezovsky, who is skipping the afternoon sessions for a local brewery tour (so jealous). Alas, I will not be attending the physics sing along tonight. That would’ve been pretty entertaining.