(apologies for the blurry pictures)…I am a big french toast fan.  I like them all, the brioche, the challah, the ricotta stuffed, the cinnamon raisin…but I think I might like this one in the pictures the best for an everyday sort of french toast.  I use a good, eggy-tasting baguette (macrina in this case) and then soak it for a long time in eggs and milk and spices.  So what makes this one special?  Well while it’s cooking on one side, I liberally sprinkle brown sugar on the top face and then stick it in the broiler where it forms a crispy, almost candy-like crust.  So it ends up being more finger food than anything.  I had it with blueberries, which are a steal at $2/lb at rising sun right now, and some strong coffee.  Yum.