Things are really getting squeezed right now…I had another phone chat/interview today, this time with John Hill at Brookhaven. He invited me out to give a talk and there’s a good chance that he’ll offer me a job. I’ve only heard good things about John, so I’m pretty excited to talk to him. Plus it would be strategically nice to be working for a guy deeply involved in NSLS II, which looks like it will be pretty amazing when it opens in 2014. That said, I just have to get a 50 minute job talk and 3 March meeting talks together in the next two weeks, while making steady progress on my dissertation. I will be quite the toastmaster general by then. Btw, that picture that’s now the header for the webpage was when I tried to catch Lester in the act of jumping on my shoulders, which he does all the time. I hope you will enjoy looking up my nose.