…and by satisfying, I mean looong!

Well, it’s 2am and it’s my last night here! We learned a lot this trip and bumped into some really nice science, which probably means we have a ways to go in understanding the best way to measure x-ray Raman scattering, but I still think we’re ahead of most everyone else (although welcome new XRS beamlines at the Canadian source, ESRF, and possibly diamond will probably will erase that gap). Yesterday was a day off, so me and Henning Sternemann (visiting student from Dortmund, which is the sister city of Buffalo apparently) went downtown and looked at art for four hours since it was the art institute‘s free day. That place is amazing–whole rooms of Cezanne, Miro, Goya, Turner, Hopper, you name it. The only part that makes me scratch my head is the exhibits of furniture from the last fifty years. I don’t understand the appeal of 50’s garage sale bargains, but I guess certain people think that ‘design’ falls in the same realm as art, maybe even . (others are beginning to have misgivings) …um, where was I? Oh yeah–and then we met up with Yejun and Erin (Seidler lab survivors) and had some dinner at some pub that turned out to be a chain. The highlight of this entire trip was while we were waiting for Yejun and his wife at a bar in Chicago’s union station and Jerry challenged me to a game of pool. Praise be jebus, I won! So, as I said, good trip. Ok, this script is done and I have to script up one last sample before getting up at 8-freakin-am to put in a chunk of boron I promised Hadley I’d measure.