xmas2b.JPG(yes, this is not ham-related-news.  sorry.) Looks like Twin Peaks‘ second season is finally getting released as a dvd, and it’s kind of cheap…now, the second season is quite a bit slower paced than the first (which ultimately led to it’s surprisingly abrupt demise after the amount of hype leading up to it), but I think it’s still pretty fun. That last scene of the series…gawd, I wish it stayed on after that. I hope that this season has those ridiculous log lady intros like the first season’s dvd set.

What else…oh–I made a 15 pound country ham last night. These are preserved in a heavy salt cure and it takes much patience to reduce all that saltiness. Even after soaking it for 24 hours and boiling it for a while, it was still as salty as its distant Italian cousin, prosciutto. Unlike most recipes which use some type of soda, I used an orange juice, brown sugar, bourbon, ginger glaze…not that you could really taste it through the salt. It has some wonderful flavor on its own though, so I’m planning on packing some in my luggage. We’ll see what the TSA guys think of that.