I’m paraphrasing, but I’ve been in some funny situations in the last few days:

scene I: game night with the boys
A: Hey Tim, I got you something for christmas.
T: Aw you didn’t have to get me that..pineapple!? Um, how did you know?
A: I remembered that you’re a pineapple person.
T: (what the hell’s a ‘pineapple person?’) I do love pineapple! It might very well be my favorite fruit.

scene II: return home notice that mom’s reading the book I bought her for christmas
T: Psss! Dad, I think I got mom that book for christmas!
D: Wow–that’s just nuts! I just got two of those books complimentary from Amazon!
T: You putz! Those were my books! ..for mom and Andrea.
D: Oh shit! wellbut, look at the invoice message: ‘thanks for visiting Amazon, we hope you enjoy your books.’ I’m always at the Amazon website, so I figured that it was my reward or something…
T: Reward? What? Did you buy a lot of stuff from Amazon?
D: Oh no, I just read the sample pages from their books and use it for my homework. It’s way easier and they just don’t have that stuff at the library.
T: Oh good lord.

More to come no doubt…